25+ Wood Texture and Backgrounds PNG, EPS Format for Design

By | August 4, 2016

High-Resolution Wood Textures

The wood textures are a standout amongst the most appropriate that can fit any sort of web-related undertakings. Fundamentally, these free textures are quite pleasant and the wood components could exceptionally well suit any ecological or nature related ideas. There is a tremendous assortment of textures accessible online that could give an amazing style and look to your sites. In the course of the most recent couple of years, in the most recent pattern of the web designing fields, the textures assume a crucial part for individual and in addition for business sites.

What’s more, as of late it has turned out to be very well known to utilize wood textures in the sites as foundations which gives outwardly an imaginative look. Certain people even would love to utilize these wooden components in their logo designs or in the catches.

450+ Big Wood Textures Bundle – $24

450+ Big Wood Textures Bundle

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100 Paper Texture Bundle – $29

100 Paper Texture Bundle

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Stripped Wood Textures Pack – $7

Stripped Wood Texture

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10 wood Grain Textures PNG – $9

10 wood Grain Textures PNG

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Wonderful Wood Venner Texture – $6

Wood Venner Texture PSD

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High Resolution Wood Texture Pack – $8

High Resolution Wood Texture Pack

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60 High Resolution Wood Textures – $10

60 High Resolution Wood Textures (1)

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50 Woiod and Leather Textures – 30

50 Woiod and Leather Textures

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Seamless Wood Texture Bundle – $24

Seamless Wood Texture Bundle

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Distressed Wood Texture PNG – $7

Distressed Wood Texture PNG

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50 wooden Textures and Backgrounds – $6

50 wooden Textures and backgrounds

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Rustic Wood Background Textures – $4

Rustic Wood Texture

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Wood Backgrounds and Textures – $5

Wood Textures Pack

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22 Scaleable Wood Textures – $8

22 Sca;eable Wood Textures

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Creative Wood Texture Pack – $3

Creative Wood Texture Pack

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Grunge Wood Texture Pack – $2

Grunge Wood Texture Pack

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13 Real wood Texture Pack – $6

13 Real wood Texture Pack

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Line Natural Wood Texture – $2

Line Natural Wood Texture (1)

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Antique Wood Texture Pack – $7

Antique Wood Texture Pack

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12 Dark Wood Texture Pack – $8

12 Dark Wood Texture Pack

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11 Best Wood Texture Pack – $7

11 Best Wood Texture Pack

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Customizable Wood Texture Pack – $4

Customizable Wood Texture Pack

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There are an immense accumulation of premium and free textures accessible from which you can pick the best one for your sites. In different hundreds of years, wood has been utilized for different purposes by various individuals and in the present century, it is being utilized by the web designers as applications for their web designing ventures to make it all the more exuberant and alluring.

By utilizing the wood textures, it has turned into a remarkable method for drawing in the online guests. With the right tone and texture, we can enhance the design of the site and never forget the wrong blend of the textures and hues could make the site more inert and dull. To keep away from such bothers, you can pick one of the best textures from the different accumulations accessible on the web. As a result of this reason, the wood is utilized broadly as a part of all fields like in inside designing, engineering, web designing and some more.

Such characteristics of wood can’t be felt in whatever another sort of textures and examples. Since it is closer, it gives an individual touch to the guests. The visual specialists or the web designers make excellent and great designs with the right mixing of the wooden examples and textures. Utilizing textures are one of ideal approaches to add character to any web designing. There are huge accumulations of wood textures discovered online made by skilled designers and craftsmen and you can choose to pick one for your undertakings.

Bg Texture – wood arrives in a generally little 540px x 600px resolution that settles on it a fabulous decision for making lightweight foundation pictures. It is painted in an extravagance dim chestnut shade that transmits of style and chic.

Dull Wood Texture Pack includes more than ten painstakingly treated wood textures displayed in a grayscale mode. There are diverse varieties of the parquet floor. The free form is accessible in 800px X 600px and 1024px X 768px resolutions.

45 Wood Textures are conveyed in JPEG position, and 1280px X 960px resolution. They are refined and clean. The bundle covers professionally created textures in different shading including the conventional warm beige, unrestrained pinkish and impartial dim. You will discover pictures of the trim floor, a nearby up photo of a bit of wood and others.

Wood Texture passes on a warm affair on account of orange tone connected to the surface. There is one and only texture yet it has a standard resolution of 1804px X 1482px that is reasonable for a lot of UIs. It is authorized under CC 3.0.