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21+ Creative Camera Logo Designs, Ideas and Examples

This is a collection of best camera logo designs for branding photography and camera business. Camera logos are mainly used for photography business. You can use these logo design on business cards, websites, social media and in your store. These logotypes are designed using vector EPS so you can resize the logo size according to… Read More »

21+ Best Bicycle Logo Designs and Templates Inspiration

Bicycles are the most popular transport from the starting of its invention. People try to go on their bicycles for short distance needs. People use bicycle to keep themselves fit because cycling has many health benefits. You can use the bicycle logo design for cycle store, cycle parts store, cycling event, race and adventure clubs.… Read More »

21+ Creative Heart Logo Designs and Inspirations

This is a collection of best heart logo designs for business branding. You can use heart logo for any kind of business. The heart logo in a business would say that you do your duty with love. Heart logo is best suitable for hospitality, health care and charity organizations. You can also use them for… Read More »

20+ Best Chef Logo Designs, Example, Inspiration

This is a collection of best chef logo designs for branding restaurants and hotels. As we all know that chef logos are popularly used for restaurant branding. Chefs are a face of restaurant so using the chef images in a logo would look awesome. You can customize the logo design of the according to your… Read More »

19+ Best Salon Logo Design, Ideas and Examples

Salons are a wide spread business which includes high competition. In a high competition market like saloon you need to make your brand identity unique from others. Hair salon branding designs will include hair styles, beard styles and salon related objects in it. You can edit and customize the logo design templates according to your… Read More »

20+ Typography Logo Templates and Designs

Typography logos are very minimal logo designs you can showcase your brand identity design in a awesome font. You can present the brand identity literally using awesome fonts. The type of presentation of the text may vary but it is always presented using simple fonts. You get the logo templates in different shapes too like… Read More »

23+ Lion Logo Designs, Examples and Inspiration

Lion is the king of the forest. Lion stands for power and royalty. If you are using a lion in your logo then you are conveying that your company is powerful and deals in high end products. Lion logos are generally used in businesses like automobiles, luxury goods and luxury hotels. Give an awesome look… Read More »

18+ Music Logo Designs, Examples and Inspirations

This is a collection of best music logo designs for designing a brand logo. Music logos are mainly used for branding business manly related to music industry. You can use the music logo to design brand identity for music store, online website, app and music album company. You can change the color of the logo… Read More »

20+ Creative Eye Logo Designs, Ideas and Examples

Eye logo is mainly used for optics related business. You can use the eye logo for lens, spectacles and eye hospital business. Many surveillance and detective companies also keep the eye in their logos. The camera store and photography business also can use the eye as logo. When you see a eye in the logo… Read More »

15+ Best Bee Logo Designs, Examples and Illustration

This is a collection of best bee logo designs for business branding. Bee is a symbol for celebration and brightness. If your business is into event planning then this logo will be suitable for you. You can find many wedding planners and event planners using the bee in the logo. You can see that beauty… Read More »