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15+ Disposable Film Presets Lr PSD Download

Disposable Film Presets are pre-made layouts and effects which can be applied to digital photographs to emulate the look and feel of film photography. These preset typically work by adjusting certain aspects of the photograph, such as color, contrast, grain, vignetting, etc. according to preset parameters chosen by the user. Disposable film presets are pre-defined… Read More »

15+ Retro Grain Presets Effects Lr Free Download

Retro Grain Presets refer to a set of filters or presets that simulate the appearance of old film grains and textures. These presets are commonly used in photo and video editing software to achieve a vintage or nostalgic look. Retro Grain Presets can vary in intensity, with some producing a subtle effect while others create… Read More »

15+ Analog Film Presets Lr Download Free

Analog Film Presets is a digital photography feature that replicates the look of certain types of film from antique film cameras. It seeks to recreate the unique color and lighting effects seen in classic films, by using digital editing tools to manipulate an image’s settings. These presets allow photographers to add a vintage, classic, or… Read More »

15+ FREE Concert Lightroom Presets Download

Lightroom presets are special collections of actions that allow photographers to create amazing images without having to spend hours tweaking settings. They come in various styles, such as black & white, vintage, grunge, etc., and they’re perfect for creating unique looks. You can apply these presets to any image in just a few clicks. Use… Read More »

15+ Fresh Lightroom Presets FREE Download

How would you describe your style? Are you into minimalistic or colorful? Or maybe you prefer something in between? Whatever your preference, chances are you’ve got some favorite photos from previous shoots that you’d love to bring back to life using Lightroom’s new preset feature. Lightroom has always had a great selection of presets, but… Read More »

15+ Bright Lightroom Presets Lr FREE Download

How would you describe your photography style? Is it artistic or natural? Would you say you shoot mostly landscapes or portraits? Or maybe you prefer shooting food? Whatever your style, you probably want to look good in pictures. And that means having great lighting. Lighting is essential to taking great photos. If you don’t have… Read More »

15+ Dark Moody Presets LUT FREE Download

Dark mode has become very popular recently. What makes dark mode so special? Is it because it helps us sleep better or does it simply look cool? Dark mode refers to the ability to turn off the screen light in order to reduce eye strain. The dark mode is becoming more common due to its… Read More »

15+ FREE Soft Light Lightroom Presets Download

Looking for the best soft light lightroom presets? Images are softened and given a warm glow using the free Lightroom preset Soft Enhance. Any portrait or setting gains intricacy from its pastel tones. conceals contents. adds a Warm Magenta Soft Layer. produces Beautiful, Bright Images. Presets for Lightroom are crucial since they expedite the editing… Read More »

15+ FREE Matte Lightroom Presets Lr Download

You guessed it: There is one tried-and-true preset aesthetic that has never lost its appeal. We’re referring to the Lightroom presets for the matte effect. These settings offer a rich contrast style with a delicate color dampening effect to produce an excellent result. Use these presets for designing matte photoshop actions and retouch photoshop actions.… Read More »

15+ Black and White Lightroom Presets Download

Looking for the best black and white lightroom presets? Nothing beats the timeless monochromatic appearance. The black and white look is immediately linked to old cameras and skilled film photographers. It is not surprising that it is ageless because many professional photographers still use it today. Without colour, monochrome uses complex tones to create captivating… Read More »