18+ FREE Real Estate Icons Vector Download

A royal grant of estate land became known as real estate, which became a legal word. The profession of buying, selling, or renting real estate is known as the real estate business (land, buildings, or housing). An icon is a minor but crucial aspect of your business if you operate a real estate brokerage and… Read More »

18+ FREE Hotel Icons Vector Download Ai | EPS

A hotel is a place that charges people to stay for a brief period. Hotel rooms are frequently assigned numbers to help customers locate their rooms. Custom-decorated rooms are available in some high-end hotels. Some hotels also include meals in their packages. Guests look for information about the hotel first on the hotel’s website. The… Read More »

18+ FREE Educational Icons Vector Download

Learning, or the development of knowledge, values, beliefs, and habits, is facilitated by education. Teaching, storytelling, Training, and focused study are all examples of educational practices. How successful a university’s alumni are and how compelling its brand identity directly impacts the university’s or other educational facility’s reputation. Educational icons must be versatile enough to appeal… Read More »

18+ FREE Teamwork Icons Vector Download

A group’s joint effort to attain a common objective or complete a task most effectively and efficiently is teamwork. This concept is observed in a team, a collection of interdependent individuals that collaborate to achieve a common goal. People are drawn together by teamwork, which encourages them to rely on one another to complete tasks.… Read More »

18+ Best Lighthouse Logo Design Templates Download

Lighthouses have long been associated with strength, safety, individualism, and even death in literature and film. It’s no surprise that lighthouses are typically depicted as symbols of power and strength because they are built to resist violent storms and tumultuous ocean waters. A lighthouse’s primary functions are to provide navigational assistance and to warn boats… Read More »

15+ FREE Rabbit Logo Design Templates Download

Rabbits and hares have both been associated with moon gods and may represent rebirth or resurrection. They feature in images of hunting and spring scenes in The Labours of the Months, and they may be emblems of fertility or sexuality. The rabbit represents shyness and modesty and time, speed, virtue, longevity, entertainment, and pranks. The… Read More »

18+ FREE Gun Logo Design Templates Download

A gun is a typical weapon that can be carried easily and hit targets up to 50 meters away from the shooter. A gun is a weapon that is employed by police forces, intelligence agencies, and special forces units all around the world. A gun is also a popular weapon in video games and amateur… Read More »

15+ Creative Penguin Logo Design Template Download

Looking for the best penguin logo design idea? Penguins represent commitment, unity, parental love, elegance, friendliness, and adaptability. These birds are firm believers in harmony and stick together in good times and bad. Penguins are birds that have evolved to fly over water rather than the sky, preferring to go deep into the realm of… Read More »

18+ Best Tennis Logo Design Templates Download

Tennis is a sport that one can play individually (singles) or between teams of two players each (doubles). The tennis logo can be utilized in a variety of ways. Specialist sports clubs use it, or it might be a symbol of a specific competition or a trademark to manufacture the required products. Such a logo… Read More »

15+ Creative Mail Logo Design Template Download

Mails have been around for decades and are an essential aspect of human communication. Mails are still quite important in today’s world, even though all communications have gone to digital realms. The identity information that people will use to distinguish your firm is your mail logo. It allows your customers to understand who you are… Read More »