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15+ Funny Typeface for Design Projects Free

A funny typeface refers to a font that is characterized by unconventional and playful design elements, intended to evoke a light and humorous mood in written or visual communication. A funny typeface is a font that has unique and quirky characteristics, often used to convey a lighthearted or humorous tone in design or communication. These… Read More »

15+ Whiskey Label Fonts TTF OTF Free Download

Whiskey label fonts are typically chosen to reflect the brand’s identity and the type of whiskey being sold. For example, a bold and traditional font may be used for a classic bourbon, while a more elegant and refined font may be used for a premium single malt scotch. The font may also be chosen to… Read More »

21+ Tattoo Typeface TTF OTF Download Free

A Tattoo Typeface is a specific style of font often used for tattoo designs, characterized by bold lines and intricate details. These typefaces may include traditional designs such as Old English or Gothic lettering, as well as more modern styles with unique flourishes and embellishments. Tattoo typeface refers to the style of lettering used in… Read More »

15+ Heavy Metal Typeface TTF OTF Download

A heavy metal typeface is a font style characterized by its bold, distorted, and jagged shapes. The font is often used to give a dark or sinister aesthetic to text as well as to emphasize the power of words. It can also be used to create dramatic headlines and logos in advertisements. You can design… Read More »

15+ Old English Typeface TTF Free Download

Old English typeface is a style of typography that was used for printed materials and books from about 1150 to 1500. The style attained its peak in the Victorian era when it was often used as an ornamental element in book design and as a way to add sophistication and elegance to printed materials. It… Read More »

15+ Bold Display Typeface TTF Download FREE

Bold display typefaces are highly visible letterforms that have a strong emphasis on being easily seen. These typefaces are often used to draw attention to titles, headings, and other important text as they will stand out compared to the rest of the content. They are characterized by thick strokes and large counters. Use the fonts… Read More »

15+ Gritty Fonts TTF OTF FREE Download

Gritty fonts are a style of typeface that has an intentionally rough, aged, and worn-out look. It is characterized by thick lines and bold letterforms, with an emphasis on texture and imperfections. Its purpose is to evoke feelings of power and strength while giving off a street vibe. Use these fonts along with grain photoshop… Read More »

15+ Space Typefaces TTF OTF FREE Download

Space typefaces are fonts that generally emphasize line length and height, creating a more “spacey” feel. Space typefaces are designed to draw more attention to the overall character of words, creating a more aesthetic-driven design. This style typically employs futuristic or intergalactic shapes paired with either minimalistic typographical structures or imaginative and condensed typefaces. You… Read More »

15+ Fashion Branding Typeface Free Download

Fashion Branding Typeface refers to the specific font or styles of lettering that are used by fashion brands in their logos, marketing materials, and fashion show invitations to create a distinct visual identity for their brand. These typefaces are designed to reflect the overall image and message of the brand, and convey its values, aesthetics,… Read More »

15+ Free Medieval Typefaces TTF OTF Download

Medieval typefaces refer to the lettering styles used in Europe between the 5th and 15th centuries before the invention of modern printing. These fonts emphasize calligraphic flourishes, curved edges, and highly decorative elements. Medieval scripts were often handwritten, and calligraphy was a highly specialized art form. Some of the most well-known medieval typefaces are Blackletter… Read More »