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15+ Confetti Overlays PNG FREE Download

Confetti Overlays are virtual images of multicolored miniature paper squares, circles, stars or other shapes used to add a celebratory appearance to a digital material. Confetti Overlays are commonly used in websites and social media applications as visual decoration or indications of success or victory. Use the overlay for designing the grand opening flyer template… Read More »

15+ Prism Light Leaks Overlay Free Download

Prism Light Leaks Overlay textures are special effects used in digital photography and filmmaking to add a unique and artistic look to images. They simulate the rainbow-like dispersion of refracted light that occurs when light passes through a prism or a similar diffraction device. Use these overlays for designing tropical party flyer templates. Prism Light… Read More »

15+ Shadow Overlays Textures PNG Download

Shadow overlays are the perfect solution, providing a way to add depth, texture, and character to your images with just a few clicks. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of shadow overlays and why they make such powerful tools for enhancing photos. You can use these overlays for giving realistic look to packaging… Read More »

15+ FREE Bokeh Overlays PNG Download

Bokeh Overlays are image filters that use the principle of selective illumination to create artistic and realistic backgrounds with a combination of abstract shapes, colors, textures, and light gradients. They are commonly used in photography, cinematography, and graphic design. Use Christmas fonts to design Christmas cards. In conclusion, bokeh overlays can be a great way… Read More »

15+ Fog Overlays Textures PNG FREE Download

Fog overlays are a popular visual effect used in photography, film, and video production. They can help to create a sense of mystery, suspense, or drama in a scene. A fog overlay is simply an image or video clip of fog that is layered on top of the original footage or image. They can be… Read More »

20+ Dust Overlays Textures FREE Download

Dust overlays are a great way to add a vintage, rustic feel to any photo or design. The overlays are created by adding a layer of dust or dirt to the image, creating a unique and interesting look. This can be used to create a variety of different effects, such as adding texture and depth… Read More »