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15+ Free Smoke Bomb Overlay PNG Download

A smoke bomb overlay is a visual effect used in film and photography to create a smoke-filled atmosphere. It is created by overlaying a pre-recorded footage or image of smoke onto the original footage, giving the impression that the scene is filled with smoke. You can use the party fonts for designing baby shower invitations.… Read More »

15+ Free Cloud Overlays PNG JPEG Download

Cloud overlays refer to graphics or visual effects used in digital media, such as videos or images, to create the appearance of clouds moving across the screen or covering a portion of the image. These overlays are often used to add a sense of atmosphere or mood to a scene, and can be adjusted in… Read More »

15+ Free Rose Petal Overlays PNG JPG Download

Rose petal overlays are a popular design element used in graphic design and photography. These overlays are essentially transparent images of rose petals that are superimposed onto a base image to add a romantic, dreamy or whimsical effect. Use floral fonts and luxury fonts for designing these design projects. They are often used to enhance… Read More »

15+ Fireflies Overlay PNG JPEG Free Download

Fireflies overlay is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a large group of fireflies synchronize their flashing patterns. This is believed to be a form of communication or mating behavior. The synchronization is achieved through a process called “mutual inhibition,” where each firefly’s flashing pattern is influenced by the flashing patterns of its neighbors. You… Read More »

15+ Night Overlays PNG JPEG Free Downlaod

Night overlays are images or graphics that are superimposed on top of a photograph or video to create the appearance of a nighttime scene. These overlays are often used in video production, photography, and graphic design to create a specific mood or atmosphere. Night backgrounds can include elements such as stars, moonlight, city lights, and… Read More »

15+ Free Soap Bubble Overlay PNG Download

A soap bubble overlay is a digital design effect that mimics the appearance of soap bubbles on a surface. It is created by applying a layer of transparent or semi-transparent circles of varying sizes and colors over an image or video. The circles are arranged in a random pattern to create the illusion of bubbles… Read More »

15+ Rain Overlay PNG JPEG FREE Download

Rain Overlay is a visual effect utilized in the editing of videos and photographs, which creates the illusion of raindrops falling over the image. Rain Overlay is a digital effect used in video editing and photography to add the appearance of rain falling over the image. The overlay is typically a transparent layer with various… Read More »

15+ Glitter Photo Overlays PNG FREE Download

Glitter photo overlays are a type of digital artwork created by combining glitter images and photos to create a sparkly finish. These overlays can be used to create unique designs, such as adding shimmering backgrounds or accents to photos or creating abstract works of art. You can design unique projects by using glitter fonts and… Read More »

15+ Free Vintage Photo Overlays PNG Download

Vintage Photo Overlays are digital image effects that are added to existing photos to create a retro, aged look. These overlays typically feature textures such as scratched and pitted surfaces, light leaks, dirt, dust and other imperfections for an aged and time-worn look. Vintage photo overlays are a type of digital image processing that is… Read More »

15+ Water Drop Overlays PNG FREE Download

Water drop overlays are a type of photography technique that involves adding realistically seamless water drops to digital images. This effect is mostly used in landscape or outdoor photography and can add impactful details to simple images. Water drop overlays involve using Photoshop or other editing software to create a realistic overlay that mimics the… Read More »