57+ Best Free Instagram Mockup PSD Template 2022

By | April 30, 2022

Instagram is being widely used by business firms to promote their business. This Instagram mockup PSD files will be useful for presenting your client’s promotional design in a professional way. You can customize the Instagram profiles, posts, and stories according to your needs. You can edit the icons, text, and reaction icons on Instagram posts and pages. Give a realistic look at your presentation design.

We have collected some of the best free and premium Instagram mockups so that you can choose the best mockup for your use. In this article, we have included Instagram pages, posts, and stories mockups. To edit these packs you need adobe Photoshop. If you don’t have one you can download here for one month free trial.

Social media platforms play a significant role in our daily lives; this is especially true if you wish to use them to promote your goods or services. In that situation, social networking apps play a significant role in both your personal and professional lives. Learn how to make Instagram Mockups.

High Quality Instagram Mockup

High Quality Instagram Mockup

This is a mobile Instagram mock-up PSD. Where you can place the design on any iPhone. You can easily replace the design on the Instagram pages, posts and stories by using smart objects.

BUY NOW – $10

Elegant Instagram Post Mockup


Premium Quality Instagram Mockup

premium-quality-Instagram mockup

Instagram Elegant Mockup PSD


Online Instagram Mockup

Free Download

Modern Instagram Mockup


Instagram Live Mockup

Instagram Live mockup

Urban Social Media Instagram-Template

Free Download

iPhone 11 Instagram Mock-up


One of the most impressive and high quality for free. this mockup was created by a graphic cloud on the request of its users. This mockup is perfect to showcase your Instagram portfolio, Mainly if you are a photographer. This mockup is completely free & if you need any assistance in editing the mockup you can reach out to us.

Free Download

Instagram Profile Mockup

Instagram Profile mockup

Instagram Mock-up 2020

Free Download

iPhone Instagram PSD

iPhone Instagram Mockup PSD

This is a very realistic Instagram mock up psd for showcasing Instagram posts, profiles, and stories. You can customize the presentation by using the smart layers. Edit the background texture of the presentation. You can give a perfect isolated look to your design by using this file.

Instagram PSD Mockup Template


Instagram Story Mockup

Instagram story mockup

High Resolution Instagram Mock-up PSD

High Resolution Instagram Mockup PSD

This is a high resolution psd mockup with 3000 x 2000 pixels dimension. You can edit the shading and shadow of the app screen via layers. You can change the background of the presentation using the smart objects.


iPhone 7 Instagram Mockups

iPhone 7 Instagram Mockups

Using this pack you can see how Instagram post, stories and profile would look on an iPhone. 10 different image filters are included in the pack. You can use it for any kind of online promotion.


Instagram Modern Mockup 2


Minimal Instagram Stories PSD

Minimal Instagram Stories Mockup

Minimal & Beautiful Instagram Stories to showcase your fashion portfolio. Most of the users ask me ” why choose Premium mockups over free mockups? “

As an experienced graphic designer, we can say that a Premium mockup will save your time & create a huge impact on your clients. Sometimes free mockups will serve the purpose pretty well. So make a smart choice.


2019 Instagram Mock up PSD Free

2019 Instagram Mockup PSD Free

This mockup is pretty realistic, Just what it looks like on an iPhone. As I said in the above paragraph, Choose a mockup that is perfect for your project after all your hard work should give you a fruitful result. So even small miss intimidation could destroy your creative work.

Free Download

Essential Instagram Mock up PSD

Essential Instagram Mockup PSD Free

A complete Instagram mock-up bundle with 8 main screens like photo feed, stories, profile, seetings, edit profile, Search, Invite, Activity & Sign In. All the elements in the mockup are editable & Adjustable. This mockup is available for both Photoshop & Sketch. The best part of this mockup is its completely free.

Free Download

Instagram stories Mockup PSD

Instagram stories Mockup PSD

Free Mockups are really tough to find, But we here at graphic cloud try out best to get our users best & high quality free mockups from around the world. This is one of the best free mockup to showcase your brand instagram story or post. It is simple but effective.

Free Download

Instagram Ad PSD Free

Instagram Ad Mockup PSD Free

Realistic free Instagram Ads mockup. If you are digital marketing experts and want to pitch an idea on this exactly the can design their ads and can give glims of the Ad.

Free Download

Instagram Post Mock up PSD

Instagram Post Mockup PSD

This mockup is designed by unblast. This is an exact replica of a Instagram feed & all the elements are editable and changeable. The text & icons on the mockup are changeable too.The only negative aspect of this mockup is it is pretty simple, So if you are looking for something simple and plain then this mockup is perfect for you.

Free Download

Editable Instagram Story Mockups

Editable Instagram Story Mockup

This crazy free premium quality mockup is designed by Graphiclist, A huge shout out for them. You get 4 PSD mockup with the download with different perspectives. The dimensions of the mockup are 3000 X 2000 PX & easily editable via smart object. The background & shadow of the mockup is changeable & editable.

This is mockup is best for fashion design projects, E commerce app design 7 more. The design of the mockup is very minimal and settle, So I strongly recommend this mockup for Minimal design projects.

Free Download

Instagram Feed Mock up PSD

Instagram Feed Mockup PSD

Very Simple & realistic Instagram feed mockup to showcase your design project to your client’s. All the layers are well organized and layered & easily editable via smart objects. The background of the mockup is changeable & the shadow of the mockup is adjustable too.

Free Download

Insta Feed Screen Mockup

Instagram Feed Screen Mockup

A very unique Instagram mock-up with both iOS and Android PSD mockup template. All the elements in the mockup are editable & changeable. This is not much to describe about the mockup as usual the background of the mockup is editable, I would recommend it to replace with your brand logo .

Free Download

Insta iPhone Screen Mockup PSD

Instagram iPhone Screen Mockup PSD

I can say that this is one of the best Instagram mock-up in the listing. Actually it was a premium mockup but creators made it free for users as a part of brand marketing.

You get 1 PSD file in the download with a resolution of 3500 X 2500 Px. The background of the mockup is changeable & the shadows are adjustable. if you working on a digital marketing template design then this mockup is perfect for you to showcase you design.

Free Download

Editable Profile Mockup

Editable Insta Profile Mockup

This mockup is designed by AB ( Anthony Boyd ), He is one of the big hearten designer as he give most of his graphic work for free.Please do check his work out & do support him.

The resolution of the Instagram feed is 719 X 1280 PX & easily editable via smart object.

Free Download

Free Instagram Mock-up Post PSD

Free Instagram Post Mockup
Free Download

Hope you like our collection of best instagram mockups psd and use it for your next project.

Ultimate Social Media Mockup


Instagram Stories Posts Mock-up


Social Media Branding Kit


Instagram Mock up Bundle


Instagram Stories Mock-up Bundle


Animated Instagram PSD Mockup


Canva Instagram Posts and Stories Pack


Animated Stylish Stories Mockup


Dark Theme Instagram Mock up


Phone Screen Instagram UI Mock-up


Light Instagram Bundle


Instagram Posts Mockups


Instagram Fashion Pack


Kyoto Instagram Stories


Animated Instagram Posts Mock up


Food Blogger Instagram PSD Mock-up


Instagram 2019 Mockups

Free Download

Post Instagram Card Mock-up


How to Create an Instant Instagram Mockup?

Because different social media platforms have varying ideal resolutions for posts, stories, and banners, creating mockups for them can be challenging. Additionally, even when using the best resolution, the compression that social networking services subject images to might cause them to appear pixelated. A web application called MediaModifier makes creating mockups simple. In this piece, we’ll teach you how to generate an instant Instagram mock-up despite the fact that MediaModifier offers mockups for a variety of services, UIs, and gadgets.

Pick an Instagram Mock-up Template

Logging into MediaModifier and selecting a template will allow you to begin creating your Instagram mock-up. You may start constructing your optimal mockup by selecting an Instagram post or Instagram story template from the wide variety of mockup template kinds. The term “Instagram profile template” is frequently used.

Create an Instagram Mock-up in Minutes

After choosing a template, you can alter it by adding, changing, and customising text, photos, and shapes. Additionally, you may add your company logo, select a custom background (colour, image, or no background), and experiment with different design-related elements to find what suits you the best.

Optimize Instagram Mock-up Size by post or Story

With MediaModifier, you can instantly select an optimum size for your Instagram story or post, which is fantastic. You may use this to quickly produce optimal mockups for your projects that you can use offline or share online.

Download and Share Instagram Mock-up

You may share your Instagram mock-up on social media and save it as an optimised picture (JPEG or PNG) or PDF.

You can use MediaModifier to complete your task whether you’re an app designer, someone who needs to quickly make a marketing mockup, someone who needs a mockup for a school assignment or presentation, or someone who wants to create an idea using an Instagram-like UI.

Free Fashion Instagram Post Mock-up

Free Download

Instagram Banner Mockup

Free Download

Instagram Mock-up V2


Phone UI Screen Instagram Mock-up


V2 Phone Screen Instagram Mock-up


Phone Screen UI Instagram Mock-up V3


V3 Instagram Mock-up


V2 Instagram Post Mock-up


V3 Instagram Post Mock-up


3D Instagram Post Mock-up


You may access a wide range of people through social media, which will boost your lead and demand generation. Social media may be used to gamify user experience by publishing questions or trivia and awarding great prizes and coupons.

In order to assist you with Instagram marketing, let’s look at some of the top Instagram Mock-up templates.

How do you do any Instagram mockup?

Creating a perfect mockup is always a big challenge, We would like to help you find a perfect mockup for your design. We have listed some of the best free and premium mockups on the web, if you have found non of the mockups perfect your design, Follow the below steps to create a perfect from a scratch.

Step 01: Know how to present your design

You design is ready and you would like to present it to your client, So every design has it’s own way of presentation. Imagine how you want to present your design which can appeal to your client.

Step 02: Look for the image to present your design

Create or look for the image on which you can present your design.

Step 03: Create a smart object

Create a square of the size of a iphone screen & convert it as a smart object. open the smart object and add all the UI elements just as instagram. After adding all the elements and your design in the feed or story, save the file by pressing the ctrl + s to save the file.

Step 04: Adjust the smart object to give a realistic touch

Adjust the touch up of the smart object to blend into the image.

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