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Sttipple Photoshop Action

Photoshop has become the go-to tool for editing images. But did you know that Photoshop also offers some powerful tools for creating vector graphics? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple stipple effect using Adobe Illustrator.

Vector graphics are scalable, meaning they can look great at any size without compromising quality. They’re also very flexible because they can be easily edited or modified. If you want to design logos, illustrations, icons, or other graphic elements, then you should consider learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. It’s an extremely popular and versatile program with many different features. This tutorial will teach you how to create a basic stipple effect in Illustrator.

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Now let’s take a closer look at each individual pixel in our image. To do so, click on the Layer 1 (white) layer. Now you’ll see a small box around each pixel. Clicking on the box will reveal more information about the color of the pixel.

Now let’s add a new layer above the white layer. We’ll call this new layer “stipples.” Select the Rectangle Tool (M). Then draw a rectangle over the entire area where you want the stipples to appear. Make sure that the Fill Color is set to Black and the Stroke Color is set to White.

Next, press Ctrl+T to make a selection of the entire rectangle. Press Enter to end the selection. Now you’ll have a selection of the entire stipples layer. Next, press Shift+Ctrl+I to invert the selection. This means that everything inside the selection becomes transparent.

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Now you can delete the original rectangle. To do so, simply hold down Alt and click on the rectangle. A red crosshair cursor will appear. When you release the mouse button, the selected object will disappear.
To remove the remaining stipples, select both the white layer and the stipples layer. Then press Delete.
You now have a clean, crisp, and colorful stipple effect!

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How Stipple Photoshop Action works?

Stipple Photoshop Action is a simple and easy-to-use action. It allows you to create stipples on your images with ease. You can also apply the same effect to multiple layers of an image at once. The best part about this action is that it does not require any additional plugins or software. All you need is Photoshop CS5, Windows 7 or higher and Adobe Flash Player 10 installed.

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