15+ Free Water Bottle Mockup PSD for Branding

By | June 12, 2016

15+ Water Bottle Mockup PSD for Branding.

Water bottles are widely used all over the world. There are many small and big companies that produce packed water bottles and water bottles. All these companies need a brand identity to create a unique identity in market. Water bottle mockup psd is used for designing for placing your branding design on it. You can check the perfection of your design by placing it on different backgrounds. These psd mockups give your designs a realistic look. Present your design on this mockup psd to make your design more attractive. Most of the mockup designs available on the internet are easily editable via smart objects feature. There also much free water bottle mock-up designs for your use.

You can choose different types of water bottle mockup templates depending upon your requirement. You have different types of psd mockups like flask water bottle, aluminum water bottle, glass water bottle, plastic water bottle, and big water bottle mock-up psd. You can choose mockups depending upon bottle size and shape also. These mockups can be used by both bottle manufacturers and drinking water suppliers. Well, organized layers and files in the product helps your editing work easily.

Below are some of the best bottle mock-ups. Select the best one that suits your requirements.

Free Plastic Water Bottle Mockup

Free Water Bottle Mockup PSD

Free water bottle mockup psd for the presentation of water branding design on a label. Give a high-quality look to your branding design by using this free bottle mockup psd download.

Free Download

Hydro Flask Water Bottle Mockup – $8

Hydro Flask Mockup PSD

With this download, you get 3 different psd files. The well-organized layers of the mockup help in the easy editing of design. You can place your design on this psd mock-up easily via smart objects feature. This is suitable for branding the bottle manufacturer.

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This mockup psd gives a realistic result to your design. You get 6 PSD files of bottle mockups including three different types of bottles. This mockup is suitable for placing your design on both dark and light backgrounds.

PSD Water Bottle Mockup – $6

PSD Water Bottle Mockup

You get 9 fully layered psd mockups in different angles. You can edit or adjust the shadows of the objects easily. !0 background textures for mockup are included to customize your design. A help PSD file and a video tutorial is included to guide you in the process of editing the mockup.

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Plastic Water Bottle Mockup – $6

Plastic Water Bottle Mockup PSD

Generally, many mineral water suppliers use these plastic bottles. This mockup psd is suitable for the branding of water suppliers. Shadow and lighting effects on the mockup can be edited or can be separated. Bottle and the lid in the image are separate layers. Create a clean and simple water bottle branding design with this file.

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Water Bottle Branding Mockup – $7

Water Bottle Branding Mockup

This file is used for building a water packaging mock-up. You can easily edit the design present on the bottle. All that you have to do is simply double click on the smart object and place your design on it and save it. Give an elegant look to your design by using this PSD.

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Water Bottle Branding Mock-up PSD – $6

Water Bottle Branding Mockup PSD

This high-resolution mockup is used for placing your design on a plastic water bottle mockup. All the light and shadow effects are arranged as separate layers. You get three different premade backgrounds to place your design on it.

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Sport Water Bottle Mockup – $6

Sports Water Bottle Mockup

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Cylindrical Water Bottle Mockup – $6

Cylindrical Water Bottle Mockup

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Elegant Water Bottle Mockup – $7

Elegant Water Bottle Mockup

You can present your design on elegant looking water bottles to impress your clients. You can keep or remove the shadow from the mockup. All the layers and folders of the mock-ups are well organised. You can customize the light and shadow effects of the design mockup.

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Easy Editable Water Bottle Mockup – $9

Editable Water Bottle Mockup

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Small Water Bottle Mockup – $9

Small Water Bottle Mockup

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Well Layered Water Bottle Mockup – $3

Layered Water Bottle Mockup

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Big Water Bottle Mockup PSD – $7

Water Can Mockup

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Glass Water Bottle Mockup PSD – $8

Glass water Bottle Mockup

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Hope you liked our water bottle mock-up collection. You can buy these bottle mock-up by following the link below the images. Use these mockup psd for branding the water bottle manufacturer and water supplier.

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